Since the millennium: we have collaborated with some of the most recognisable names on the ‘High Street’ and ‘Internet’ – integrating various levels of automation within their e-commerce and retail supply chain processes

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It was no coincidence that the Company was founded at the start of the E-com boom! and our insight to assist and further improve retail supply chain fulfilment.

How the world has changed since the millennium, Y2K came and went without a glitch and online shopping became a ‘thing’. It continues to evolve at staggering pace, so much so that packaging and automation (hand in glove) collectively has become one of the world’s largest proactive and growth industries.

The global pandemic encouraged some of the more sceptical to pick up a digital device to gain access to a multitude of online shopping platforms, which is now the go-to routine across the majority of households and generations alike. Media commentators regularly focus on the demise of the high street, which is sadly true, but rarely do they bring to attention the phenomenal growth in brand new state of the art distribution ‘sheds’, and with this. the people they employ, the construction and logistics industries that build and support such vast out of town facilities.

Packrobat has been part of this exciting journey and welcome you to share our knowledge and experience. Operating an agency free strategy allows us access to some of the best innovators, manufacturers, and service providers in the field.

Our purpose is to assist clients in finding the best packaging and automation to complement their business support systems, products, supply chain aspirations, and brand image and in doing so help streamline key end of line processes to realise better efficiency, reliability, and profitability.

We work across all levels of automation and customer budget: operations that are predominately manual with lower outputs, upto mid and high-speed automated facilities. We integrate standard and bespoke solutions for: packing machines, packaging materials, labelling, picking trolleys, conveyors, goods and parcel and sortation etc

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