All Sorted!

Our first ‘pop-up’ sortation line has been successfully delivered and integrated to sort parcels into dedicated chutes for Mail-Sort 11 along with additional dedicated drops for other couriers and international territories etc.

The system was designed to read bar-coded labels on a range of finished parcels, look up customer data from the host system, identify and return correct destination to the Sorters on-board PLC, which in turn triggers the correct chute for expulsion by transferring parcel either left or right into the correct ‘Roll Cage’ or PAL-box etc.

The line incorporated Datalogic bar-code reading technology, tailor-made sortation management software and controlled by Siemens PLC and HMI.

Design had to be ultra-compact to fit the tight space available, whilst maintaining the systems throughput capability. Compact sorters can accurately handle / sort up to 5000 parcels per hour.

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