belt conveyors

  • Driven belt conveyors, running horizontally, inclined or declined
  • Solid belt curves and bends
  • Rope belts
  • Multiple narrow belt conveyors
  • Steel mesh belts
  • Plastic skeletal belts

roller conveyors

  • Gravity tracks
  • Driven line-shaft
  • Low-pressure accumulation conveyors
  • Diverts and product alignment units
  • Expandable flexi conveyors (ideal for vehicle unloading)
  • Pallet conveyors

slat conveyors

  • Driven slat and plastic link, skeletal conveyors
    • Straight
    • 90 degree
    • 180 degree
  • Choice of widths
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Modular design
  • Various IP ratings and duties
  • Variable speed option
  • Product guides
  • Passive roller infills for smooth transfer of items between conveyors

Spiral Conveyors

Driven spiral conveyors manufactured to match configuration requirements and heights at both low and high levels, fitted with bi-directional drive to enable running in either incline or decline mode

A pair of spirals with a top linking track can be used as an ‘up and over’ method of transporting goods while keeping valuable floor space and access clear

Create a perfect conveyor system


A combination of conveyors designed, manufactured and installed alongside the latest control software. Bespoke product handling units and packing stations can also be integrated

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