E-Commerce bagging machines

E-Commerce Bagging Machines

One of the fastest growing areas of packaging is E-Commerce. E-Commerce Bagging Machines applications are often demanding as clients are looking for solutions that deliver a combination of high speed, product size flexibility, branding opportunities, accuracy, reliability, and ethical packaging.

Solutions range from semi-automatic desktop and floor-standing machines to fully automatic integrated lines, all can be provided with on-board barcode readers or cameras to scan order or product ID, look up order detail, print and apply a courier label.

We can also source bespoke middleware and data handling to complete an end-to-end project.

Packaging materials can be plain or branded (scatter printed) to include logo, strap-lines, and warning messages in single upto 8-colour print.

A percentage of post-consumer waste (recycled material) can be added during the manufacturing process to increase greener profile whilst eliminating future tax liability.

Typical products; apparel, shoes, books, media, electricals, housewares, toys, gifts etc.

Create a perfect system

On the end of the E-Commerce bagging machine, consider integrating Conveyors and an automatic Sorter to create your optimum fulfilment solution.

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