A range of proven, well engineered film wrapping machines using centre-folded film to create a completely sealed package on all four sides. A wide range of films are available to ensure best quality finish is achieved per product type.

This pack style is used to create POS or collation (transit packs) used in conjunction with a Shrink Tunnel, or simply bagging product ready for labelling and despatch. There is an option to incorporate ‘trim-seal’ technology used to reduce void in the bag by matching material to product size.

There is a choice of manual, semi and fully automatic film wrapping machines to suit application, throughput requirements and budget.

Ideal products; books, media, printed matter, gifts, games and garments etc. Simple to use, economical to run.

Film Wrapping machines come in the shape of L-sealers, Shrink wrappers, Unit Stretch-wrappers, or Spiral-wrappers for longer products

shrink wrappers

A range of collation Shrink-wrappers supplied with integral or free-standing Shrink Tunnels. These machines are ideal for producing transit packs, either wrapping products in trays or collating and wrapping unsupported.

Right angled and inline configurations are available and can be tailor-made according to layout requirement and space availability.

A wide range of optional extra’s are available to ensure the best system is sourced and delivered for each project.

Ideal products are books, media, printing, industrial products (including large flat panels), shoe boxes, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage (cans, bottles, cartons, bags etc)

other film wrapping machines

Unit Stretch-wrappers, Spiral-wrappers for longer products, Shrink-wrappers incorporating print registration and Pallet-wrappers. Please send enquiry for more details.

Create a perfect system

On the end of the automatic film wrapping machine, consider integrating Conveyors and an automatic Sorter to create your optimum fulfilment solution.

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