Multiple Label Application

Multiple Label Application

Developed in partnership with a leading ‘fresh produce / multi menu’ home delivery client who wanted to implement multiple label application. They wanted to automatically print and accurately apply various labels on to randomly sized flat cartons. This also had to have an on-board ‘match’ verification.


The process is aimed at distribution operations that pick and pack mixed orders across multiple sized cartons. 

The Project

Each customers ‘box’ is identified and completely labelled pre-launch into the warehouse. The labels include – 

  • LPN bar-code – for order tracking through internal processing
  • Pick information for operatives
  • An outbound carrier label

A string of customer order data queues on the host system, this is batched by carton size. Each flat box is placed on to the infeed conveyor which transfers it through a series of control sensors to the print and apply labellers. The labels are applied static and simultaneously. Before the labelled carton exits the line, all of the bar-codes are read by overhead scanners to verify they all belong to the same order.


The functionality includes full fault detection and recovery – so if the labels do not match or the verifiers do not detect all of the labels, the line stops and goes into fault mode. Once all of the materials are cleared down and the system is reset, it resumes reprinting from the point of failure. This ensures every order has a carton generated successfully and only once.


The system is manually loaded – performance is nominally 1300-1400 cartons per hour, depending upon carton size, operator capability and the logistics around the line. 


A wide range of installations can be found operating inside some of the World’s largest online retailers in the UK and throughout Europe.

We always extend an invitation to visit an installation, and wherever possible try and match it closely to the potential end user requirement

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