pop-up sorters

Pop-up sorters and Pop-up sorter technology is used to handle a wide range of product and parcel types. This can include items such as cartons, plastic totes, mailers, poly-bags and air-bags to name a few.

At Packrobat Automation, all Pop-up sorter systems are designed to match the exact customer requirement and are configured to make the best use of the allocated space.

Additional to this, high quality ancillaries can be incorporated to provide the perfect solution.

Such as –

  • Dimensioning
  • Weighing
  • Scanning (DWS) equipment
  • Sortation software
  • Data development and management

Our partners have been chosen for their know-how, proven technology and performance and endurance.

You will be able to sort courier express parcels to specific destinations either by post code, by country or by carrier. Or individual items to batch from outbound orders, or inbound – new inventory and returns –  to the correct warehouse zones.

The Pop-up sorters are manufactured in modular form to ensure future simple, cost effective extensions that eliminate initial overspend and ensures that capacity can grow alongside demand.

Speeds of up to 5000 units per hour achievable on a standard line configuration of a Pop-up sorter. Faster throughputs can be reached with integration of additional hardware / software.

Create a perfect sortation  system

A wide range of installations can be found operating inside some of the World’s largest online retailers in the UK and throughout Europe.

We always extend an invitation to visit an installation, and wherever possible try and match it closely to the potential end user requirement

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