Sorting Apparel

Our customer needed to sort apparel of various kinds. Due to the space limitation they have, an extremely compact system was designed and integrated. This was on the outfeed end of an Automatic Bagger / Labeller line, with a purpose of sorting apparel orders by country.

Each chute (sort destination) can have its dynamic country changed throughout each working day, to ensure all orders have a ‘live’ location.

The pop-up modules cope with sorting apparel of various kinds, including T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps etc. The items are already packed and labelled in poly bags ready for despatch.

Other non-bagged items such as triangular tubes, cartons, jiffy bags etc. can be manually inducted so that they pass beneath the camera, which is the trigger for an order to be deemed ‘despatched’.

The system was installed with a Checkweigher and ‘best in market’ Camera with image capture capability. Precise cube dimensioning can easily be added.


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